Today is the Winter Solstice, traditionally a time of the death and rebirth of the Sun God. Today is the shortest, darkest day of the year, and the longest night. Despite the usual planning, prepping and stress associated with this time of year (as we often have to shop, travel, cook and gather with our families) today is a day to rest and reflect.


A perfect way to celebrate the Solstice is to confront the darkness and delve into some shadow work. Darkness is not to be feared. Light many candles to illuminate your space. Write down your fears, pain, secrets, and anything you are holding onto that you no longer need in your life. What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Dig deep. It’ll be hard, but it is more painful to carry past trauma, grudges, shame than to release them. Once you have written down everything you need to, fold up the piece of paper and light it in a cauldron or fire bowl. Be safe. Watch your fears and pain dissipate with the smoke.


We need to let that part of ourselves die before we can be reborn. Just as the days start to become lighter, so must we.


I happened to pull the two oracle cards today purely by chance, but they perfectly illustrate the importance of this festival. The Welsh Goddess Cerridwen is also known as The White Lady of Inspiration and Death. She tends to a cauldron which represents the cauldrons of inspiration, transformation and rebirth and therefore the eternal cycles of life, of continuous birth, death and regeneration. The Shadow card urges us to take off our masks, and to shine light on our darkest shadows so that we can move forward into the light.


Cards are from The Goddess Orcale by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and ilustrated by Hrano Janto, and the Awakened Soul Oracle Deck by Ethony Dawn and illustrated by Danielle Mulligan.

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