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I decided I should start doing these again, and I should probably call them something snazzier, but all in good time!




This week was my third week sans sugar. I’m doing the ‘I Quit Sugar‘ 8-week program, you see (and by the program, I mean just reading the books and hoping for the best). Trying to be all healthy and shiz. The first two weeks were a walk in the park, but now I find myself walking past chocolates in the supermarket and salivating, because yes, they have the Easter eggs out already. I don’t even want the Cadbury bars I devoured as a kid, I want delicious, delectable dark chocolate, like Green & Blacks, or the salted caramel chocolates from Paul A Young’s Chocolaterie. It’s getting so bad that I’m hoping I don’t lose my willpower and end up in a copious chocolate binge where I’m basically bathing in the stuff. A bit like Alfred Molina’s character in the film Chocolat



Also, here is a picture of Johnny Depp from the same film, because, well, why not?





Right, must distract myself from the chocolate (I say as I type this at the library, with a sizable tome entitled Chocolate in Mesoamerica by my side, because if I can’t eat the stuff, I might as well read about it).


This week in the UK it’s been cold, frosty and today it’s rainy and grey. Perfect library lounging time. Only my stomach is rumbling loud enough to warrant a ‘shhh’ from the librarian.


Speaking of books, I bought Marie Kondo’s new book, Spark Joy, as I’m determined to completely declutter and organise my home this year. The way I see it, a decluttered home equals a decluttered mind, and that’s what I’m aiming for. The trouble is, that Kondo separates belongings into categories and two of them are called ‘books’ and ‘sentimental items’. The problem for me is that they are one and the same. I have so many memories associated with each book, that I find it hard to part with them. Plus I’m still hoping that one day I can actually live in the library from Beauty and the Beast and, therefore, won’t need to get rid of any. Ever.





Also, look. There is a real library that looks like the Beast’s one. It’s so beautiful that I don’t think I’d ever need to leave. Sigh.


Beautiful library


Apparently in the Victorian times, it was considered romantic and a method of courtship to read aloud to one another. There is definitely something soothing about it, but not very romantic if it’s so soothing that you nod off. I always hope that at Christmas, the family will gather round the fire and we’ll all take turns reading ghost stories. Of course, this never transpires, and instead, everyone just sits with their hands stuck in the obligatory box of Quality Streets while watching Netflix.


Aaaand then we’re back to chocolate again…



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