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I decided I should start doing these again, and I should probably call them something snazzier, but all in good time!




This week was my third week sans sugar. I’m doing the ‘I Quit Sugar‘ 8-week program, you see (and by the program, I mean just reading the books and hoping for the best). Trying to be all healthy and shiz. The first two weeks were a walk in the park, but now I find myself walking past chocolates in the supermarket and salivating, because yes, they have the Easter eggs out already. I don’t even want the Cadbury bars I devoured as a kid, I want delicious, delectable dark chocolate, like Green & Blacks, or the salted caramel chocolates from Paul A Young’s Chocolaterie. It’s getting so bad that I’m hoping I don’t lose my willpower and end up in a copious chocolate binge where I’m basically bathing in the stuff. A bit like Alfred Molina’s character in the film Chocolat



Also, here is a picture of Johnny Depp from the same film, because, well, why not?





Right, must distract myself from the chocolate (I say as I type this at the library, with a sizable tome entitled Chocolate in Mesoamerica by my side, because if I can’t eat the stuff, I might as well read about it).


This week in the UK it’s been cold, frosty and today it’s rainy and grey. Perfect library lounging time. Only my stomach is rumbling loud enough to warrant a ‘shhh’ from the librarian.


Speaking of books, I bought Marie Kondo’s new book, Spark Joy, as I’m determined to completely declutter and organise my home this year. The way I see it, a decluttered home equals a decluttered mind, and that’s what I’m aiming for. The trouble is, that Kondo separates belongings into categories and two of them are called ‘books’ and ‘sentimental items’. The problem for me is that they are one and the same. I have so many memories associated with each book, that I find it hard to part with them. Plus I’m still hoping that one day I can actually live in the library from Beauty and the Beast and, therefore, won’t need to get rid of any. Ever.





Also, look. There is a real library that looks like the Beast’s one. It’s so beautiful that I don’t think I’d ever need to leave. Sigh.


Beautiful library


Apparently in the Victorian times, it was considered romantic and a method of courtship to read aloud to one another. There is definitely something soothing about it, but not very romantic if it’s so soothing that you nod off. I always hope that at Christmas, the family will gather round the fire and we’ll all take turns reading ghost stories. Of course, this never transpires, and instead, everyone just sits with their hands stuck in the obligatory box of Quality Streets while watching Netflix.


Aaaand then we’re back to chocolate again…




As the weather starts to get colder, and the nights draw in, I find myself wanting to cosy up and read or watch TV in the evenings. I have loads to read, always, as I am constantly adding books to my collection and seeing new books I’d like to buy. At the moment I have even more to read as I prepare for my MA.


I’m currently reading a chapter a day of The History of Gothic Fiction by Markman Ellis and The Postmodern by Simon Malpas. I’m also reading another non-fiction book, Zero Degrees of Empathy by Simon Baron-Cohen; a fascinating book which looks at the reasons behind human cruelty.





Fiction-wise, for studies I am reading Ann Radcliffe’s Mysteries of Udolpho, and I’ve just started Under the Skin by Michael Faber. I knew the latter had been made into a film with Scarlett Johansson, and that I had missed its run at the cinema (agreeing on a film to see with my husband is tricky sometimes, and going to the cinema alone seems too indulgent right now while I’m so busy). Several people recommended it as a beautiful book, and so, curious, I read the first page. I had forgotten that Faber had also penned The Crimson Petal and the White, a wonderful tome set in Victorian London, which was adapted for the BBC in 2011, and starred the lovely Romola Garai. His writing is compelling and brilliant, but what really makes Under the skin already a favourite before I even complete it, is the setting. It’s set in the Scottish Highlands, specifically around the towns, villages and roads that were so familiar to me as a child. It is quite magical to imagine this story taking place there, if not disturbing too!





I am so behind on TV shows. I rarely watch anything on our television, and usually catch my shows by streaming them on Netflix, etc. I only have two episodes to go until the series finale of True Blood. I think I’m delaying it on purpose, as, even though critics and fans alike have always said it was going downhill, I’ve always been a faithful fan.


I am yet to start season 2 of Hemlock Grove, but I enjoyed the first series, and I’ve heard that the third series will be the last, so hopefully it will stay interesting.


So far I’m liking Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain. It’s been a slow build up, and some of the characters are annoying, but the concept is an interesting one, and it’s good to see some scary vampires.





I’ve finally started watching Outlander, the series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. It’s been marketed as a sort of Game of Thrones for women, which I think is rather strange as I know many women who love Game of Thrones. In fact, columnist Lucy Mangan wrote an article in Stylist magazine last week about how women actually enjoy some violence within the safe confinement of fictional books and shows. Anyway, I digress. Gabaldon’s book was called Cross Stitch in the UK, and it’s right up my street with Scotland, time travel, history, witchcraft, sauce and drama. This is probably feeding my misery of the upcoming referendum, because my fears of Scotland leaving the UK is basically as bad as if the land was actually severed from England and floated away as a completely separate island that I could never return to.





I’m still enjoying Witches of East End, especially Mädchen Amick as the rebellious Wendy, basically wearing the boho/witchy wardrobe of my dreams and turning into a cute black cat to spy on people. I remember her as Shelly in Twin Peaks and I’m glad she’s still acting.


Further behind on my must-watch TV, I still have The Originals (The Vampire Diaries spin-off), Salem, True Detective, Orphan Black, Masters of Sex and Revenge. I still like those shows but it’s just getting the time to watch them. I imagine it will happen one day, during a sleepless night Netflix binge fest. Sigh. Plus new shows are always starting; American Horror Story: Freak Show anyone?


What books and television are you loving?



Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I can almost see a virtual tumbleweed blowing across the screen. If things seem to have gone a little quiet on the book front, it’s because I’ve been speaking with various experts on how to market my book and get it off to the best start. This is my first foray in to self-publishing so I have to make sure I get it right and not rush anything. I also had a wee holiday in Kefalonia in which I tanned my pasty body, ate far too much glorious food and devoured loads of books on my Kindle (for those interested, I read: Danse Macabre, #Girlboss, How to Build a Girl, The Wolves of Midwinter and Carmilla – because even an avid reader of the supernatural needs to mix it up sometimes).


Phew! So back to this post. I originally started writing it weeks ago. Where does the time go? Ok, so rewind back to July when I ventured out to Camber Sands in Sussex to shoot some new footage for my book trailer. So it’s not the mystical Scottish landscape of the novel, but it was beautiful and fairly close to get to.


I knew what I wanted in the trailer, or rather, what the existing version was lacking. For a start I needed someone to play Rowan, the protagonist. I can’t believe that I was actually considering playing the role myself and wearing a wig! For a start, I don’t look 18 anymore, and secondly, it was windy on the beach, and I can just imagine the wig taking off and blowing away (possibly frightening tourists later on. If you have seen the film ‘The Burbs’, you’ll understand). Anyway, we found a wonderful model to play Rowan, and I am so glad that Saskia agreed to help out for the day. She has a website full of delicious healthy recipes and guilt-free treats which you can check out here.




I bought some extra witchy ‘props’ from the internet and set up a pentagram in the sand so we could shoot some footage of Rowan casting a spell. Let me say that it is not easy to draw a perfect pentagram! Even more challenging was trying to light the bundle of sage and lavender, known as a ‘smudge stick’ because the wind kept blowing out every match before it even touched the herbs. Still, we got there in the end (and got through a LOT of matches).




Even though wet dogs and attention-seeking swimmers got in the way, we got plenty of good footage. Oz Koca filmed and edited the footage and did such a wonderful job. Check out his other work on his website here.

And in case you haven’t viewed the finished trailer, here it is. Let me know what you think.


P.S. In other news, how bloody marvellous is the TV series Penny Dreadful? I still haven’t finished watching it but that’s because I am slowly savouring it as you would letting a square of divine chocolate melt in your mouth. It is just so perfectly Gothic! I love all the classic Gothic characters brought together, the script and the acting. Eva Green’s witchy, mysterious beauty is perfection.

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