It is already mid-February and I haven’t yet posted this year. Things have changed somewhat in the Blanchard household and after the excess of food and essay stress over the Christmas period, I was sucked into a vortex which can only be described as Puppyland. Yes, my husband and I decided to get not just one, but two puppies. They are miniature schnauzers and are called Billy and Betty. It’s like a fuzzy, adorable hurricane has swept through our home, and when I’m not trying to study and prepare for my upcoming dissertation, I’m giving my full attention to the puppies.


My ‘writer’s life’ is never far from my mind however, and I’m still jotting down ideas and being inspired on a daily basis. I’ve also planned plots and characters for a couple of new novels so I’m very excited about cracking on with writing the next book. Plus I feel motivated when I read Writing Magazine, Mslexia as well as the Twitter feeds of many writers all enthusiastic about the craft and reading/creating wonderful fiction.


I haven’t had time to read outside of my course reading list for a while, and I’m currently finishing up Dicken’s Great Expectations. It’s interesting reading a book a second time with a critical view. The same can be said for watching films. I had to rewatch Black Swan last week for my Modern Gothic class. When I first saw the film at the cinema, I saw it for pure entertainment, enjoying the dark ballet tale for its beauty and nightmarish qualities, but when I watched it for university, I found myself frantically writing pages of notes, seeing symbolism everywhere and dissecting every scene. And it only made me love the film more.


Despite the chaos I am keen to blog much more regularly again, on both writing and on aspects of my Gothic course which may be of interest to readers.


Have a happy Wednesday!

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