Phew! What a week! I’ve pretty much been in hibernation finishing an essay, and keeping myself alert with americanos and strong smelling scented candles. Ah. With my uni work now submitted I can come up for air and thoroughly enjoy one of my favourite holidays – Halloween. As a child I was obsessed with Halloween. I used to decorate the house with every plastic, tacky decoration I could find; I’d drape fake cobwebs everywhere and even change the lightbulbs in my lounge for green and red ones. I can’t remember anyone else being as enthused as me, but then I did live in a rural village mostly populated by old people, who probably weren’t sure what all the fuss was about.


Fast forward to adulthood, and it still seems I get a bit more giddy about Halloween than most. However, now I am lucky to live near London and therefore have access to lots of cool Halloween events and have the added joy of seeing weird and wonderful costumed folk wandering the city (Chewbacca riding the tube? What’s not to love?). I’m really excited to see the outfits this year. Some people are seriously imaginative.


This year I have family visiting, which is always fun as it means I can revel in my Halloween joy with the kids. We are getting dressed up and hitting the town. I’ve totally left it to the last minute, so I’m mostly going to be focusing on spooky make-up and hair. I’m hoping to get a wig, because I love a good wig, even if they do get a bit hot and uncomfortable after a while.


If you don’t live near a city, or you’re not going to a party, then I thoroughly recommend the following films:


Trick ‘r Treat




Not a new film, in fact it was in limbo for a while before being released straight to DVD, but don’t let that put you off. This little gem is made up of interwoven spooky tales. It’s not terrifying, but it’s really fun, and it really does emulate the Halloween celebration in all its glory. It reminds me of those awesome shows I used to love as a kid, like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? but this is strictly adult fare. Also, and this is always a bonus for me, there are no terrible CGI effects, just good-old fashioned horror.


The Babadook



Ok, so I haven’t actually seen this one yet, so I probably shouldn’t be recommending, but what the hell. It looks amazing, it looks original, and the reviews are looking good.





This is still on at the cinemas in the UK if you haven’t caught it yet. Reviews haven’t been too kind, but I liked it. It wasn’t the kind of horror film that stays with you and ruins your sleep, but once again, it’s a fun movie. It does use lots of horror movie cliches, and I felt that it borrowed very heavily from Rosemary’s Baby, but it’s done well. The horror is subtle. An evil possessed doll could easily fall into comedy territory, and this film manages to keep it away from that. Also, if, like me, you think porcelain dolls look demonic then perfect. If they had used the original Raggedy Ann doll (the type of doll the ‘real’ Annabelle is), then I just couldn’t have taken it seriously at all.


Or you could just watch The Conjuring, which is scary.





John Carpenter’s Halloween is a classic, and like Trick ‘r Treat, it’s one of the few horror films to actually take part on Halloween night. Technically speaking, a man in a whited out William Shatner mask and a boiler suit following you about shouldn’t be scary. He doesn’t even run; he strolls after his victims. But Michael Myers is frightening. That slow dread as you see him get up when he should be dead, it’s awful.


Also if you love Scream, you need to watch this as one of the main films it references.


This has been remastered and released at cinemas for Halloween.





Yes this a kid’s film. But replacing your eyes WITH BUTTONS? Even Freud knew there was something seriously horrendous with eyeball gore. He likened it to castration. Just so you know.






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