Sadly I have missed a lot of great films that have been released recently, but I was looking at upcoming releases and there are quite a few interesting ones coming out soon. Here is my pick of the bunch:


I do love a good costume drama and this one looks promising, although Thomas Hardy’s novels are always somewhat depressing, and there are no actors in this that I am particularly excited about. The screenplay is written by the author of One Day, David Alan Nicholls, and the the film is directed by Thomas Vinterberg, whose last film was the tense The Hunt (2012).



This film looks weirdly funny, and that is probably why I’m drawn to it. However it also looks like one of those quirky films that I’m inextricably drawn to and then disappointed by, but I’m willing to give it a chance. I like Kristen Wiig and she’s usually amusing.



I’m not sure about this, Ryan Gosling’s director debut, but I’m obsessed with villages under lakes for some bizarre reason (if you are too, then watch the 1999 film by Neil Jordan, In Dreams) and so I might just watch this to see how that particular motif unravels.



Let me just say that I dislike remakes. I really don’t see the point of them. If a film was great to start off with, leave it alone, and if it sucked then definitely stay clear. The original Poltergeist was the stuff of my childhood nightmares, and it probably didn’t help that the main character was a little blonde girl who was called Heather in real-life. I have recurring nightmares about poltergeists and anything coming out of televisions isn’t great either. Oh and the clown doll, let’s not forget that (actually, please let’s forget it).

The difference with this remake is that it is ‘reimagined’ by a bona fide respected horror director, none other than Sam Raimi. Ok, so he isn’t actually at the helm, but surely his input will save this from shoddy remake hell? (I gave up on The Nightmare on Elm Street remake after ten minutes). The trailer doesn’t look like a particularly fresh take on the original, but hopefully there’s more on offer than the ‘highlights’ of the trailer.



Now this I’m excited for. For one, I genuinely like Guillermo del Toro’s films, and even the ones he merely ‘presents’ such as The Orphanage, and secondly, this looks so wonderfully, sumptuously gothic and has such a potentially great cast that I can’t see how it would go wrong. Recently I have been disappointed by the horror films on offer though, especially as they seem to have a great premise but fizzle out by the end (I’m thinking of Mama in particular). Fingers crossed this one will deliver.


Apologies for the weird lady talking at the end of the ad – I couldn’t find a version without some intrusive presenter babbling away.


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