These are the things that are inspiring me this month…


I am loving Siren Sea and their ep. Their music is suitably moody and beautiful for these rainy days and for my writing, and their name is perfection after all my sea/mermaid research. Check out their website here


Last weekend I went to see the Punchdrunk Theatre Company’s production The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable. It is a promenade performance so the audience walks around, immersed in a very detailed and atmospheric world of the characters. All very weird and if you are a fan of David Lynch you’ll love this as it reminded me of both Twin peaks and Mulholland Drive. Nightmarish (in a good way) and surreal. Check out the website here



This happy song



This trailer for the upcoming vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive



And this trailer for budding writers/poets out there


Stevie Nicks on American Horror Story. I can’t find a decent link to her cameo that hasn’t been uploaded by someone just filming a TV screen. This is the second song she plays at the end. Beautiful. I love her voice.



I don’t care about the interiors. Look at the view this cottage has. The front garden is a beach. Stunning!



Dream view






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