So, my debut novel should have been out and available to buy already, but there have been a few further delays. Basically I want the best start for my book and I’ve been finding out more about book marketing, and selling the book internationally, especially in the US which has a strong paranormal/supernatural novel fan base. This means that it may take an extra week or two until Dark is the Sea is available on Amazon as well as other possible distribution sources. Although the delay is frustrating, it is really important to me that I do this right and take my time, so please bear with me.


Another reason why things slowed down was because I was really ill a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t quite managed to feel 100% better since. This is also why I haven’t posted on here for a while. Basically, I keep getting terrible stomach pains and feel exhausted all the time, as well as various other symptoms. I’m off to the doctor’s though and hopefully she can get to the root of the problem and sort it out. I’ve always suffered from fatigue, low energy and stomach issues so it would be nice to actually feel normal and function properly!


Back to the book. Despite the delays, my husband Paul threw me an amazing secret book launch party and told me we were going to a client dinner. I arrived at the restaurant and there were my family and friends, all dressed up and gorgeous! Not only that, but Paul had got some preview paperback editions of Dark is the Sea printed as well as a poster. Everyone encouraged me to do a reading, and after much cajoling and Prosecco I went ahead, and even attempted a Scottish accent for some of the characters (I did used to have a real Highland accent but it disappeared around the age of 12 when I moved to Yorkshire and wanted to fit in).


It was such a wonderful night and I felt so special signing everyone’s book and seeing my name typed up on the menus. It lead to a hangover but it was definitely worth it!

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