Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I can almost see a virtual tumbleweed blowing across the screen. If things seem to have gone a little quiet on the book front, it’s because I’ve been speaking with various experts on how to market my book and get it off to the best start. This is my first foray in to self-publishing so I have to make sure I get it right and not rush anything. I also had a wee holiday in Kefalonia in which I tanned my pasty body, ate far too much glorious food and devoured loads of books on my Kindle (for those interested, I read: Danse Macabre, #Girlboss, How to Build a Girl, The Wolves of Midwinter and Carmilla – because even an avid reader of the supernatural needs to mix it up sometimes).


Phew! So back to this post. I originally started writing it weeks ago. Where does the time go? Ok, so rewind back to July when I ventured out to Camber Sands in Sussex to shoot some new footage for my book trailer. So it’s not the mystical Scottish landscape of the novel, but it was beautiful and fairly close to get to.


I knew what I wanted in the trailer, or rather, what the existing version was lacking. For a start I needed someone to play Rowan, the protagonist. I can’t believe that I was actually considering playing the role myself and wearing a wig! For a start, I don’t look 18 anymore, and secondly, it was windy on the beach, and I can just imagine the wig taking off and blowing away (possibly frightening tourists later on. If you have seen the film ‘The Burbs’, you’ll understand). Anyway, we found a wonderful model to play Rowan, and I am so glad that Saskia agreed to help out for the day. She has a website full of delicious healthy recipes and guilt-free treats which you can check out here.




I bought some extra witchy ‘props’ from the internet and set up a pentagram in the sand so we could shoot some footage of Rowan casting a spell. Let me say that it is not easy to draw a perfect pentagram! Even more challenging was trying to light the bundle of sage and lavender, known as a ‘smudge stick’ because the wind kept blowing out every match before it even touched the herbs. Still, we got there in the end (and got through a LOT of matches).




Even though wet dogs and attention-seeking swimmers got in the way, we got plenty of good footage. Oz Koca filmed and edited the footage and did such a wonderful job. Check out his other work on his website here.

And in case you haven’t viewed the finished trailer, here it is. Let me know what you think.


P.S. In other news, how bloody marvellous is the TV series Penny Dreadful? I still haven’t finished watching it but that’s because I am slowly savouring it as you would letting a square of divine chocolate melt in your mouth. It is just so perfectly Gothic! I love all the classic Gothic characters brought together, the script and the acting. Eva Green’s witchy, mysterious beauty is perfection.

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